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A list of my packages.

Why this page?

It has two purposes, the first one is simply have a list of all my snaps. A single place to point to. The second reason is the chain of trust. Snaps in the snap store are indeed more secure than ordinary packages because they are sandboxed (like in the popular mobile operating systems), but it is still a good idea to verify if you trust a developer or packager before you install a application. For more information see verification in the bottom of this page.


Click on the name to get install instructions and various statistics from the store. If you like to inspect the sources see the source links, they also usually contains a good README with more information about the snap.

Active projects

Projects that I still consider maintained, feel free to open an issue if I’m falling back on updates, you found a problem related to the snap or have any questions.

Name Source Comment
graphpath GitHub Generate a ASCII diagram of your routing table.
springlobby-nsg GitHub A lobby for the game engine Spring RTS.
passprox GitHub HAProxy + Certbot with automatic reloads

In development

Snaps that are not ready yet for prime time. These snaps are not to be considered finished nor supported, yet. If you like to help me, have questions or suggestions feel free to open an issue.

Name Source Comment
tunnel GitHub A quick and easy solution to setup a meshed layer 2 tunnel
parcel GitHub A complete mail server packaged in a snap, backed by LXD
tesscam GitHub Process and merge Tesla’s dashcam and/or sentry mode videos

Inactive projects

Projects that I have (for now) given up on, I may continue in the future.

Name Source Comment Status
konstructs-client GitHub The client to a voxel game I build with a friend The project is quite dead since 2017.

Abandoned projects

Projects that I have abandoned, do not expect me to carry on updating them.

Name Source Comment
minecraft-nsg GitHub A early and popular snap of mine that packaged the Minecraft launcher in a snap. Since then I have stopped maintaining this snap and I recommend that you use the fork mc-installer.


I try to minimize the amount of permissions. To see what type of permissions see snapcraft.yml in the sources. The permission system has improved since I started building them, so older snaps may not be fully up to date with the latest features, feel free to point it out with an issue.


I control the domain, and this site. I control the account nsg at GitHub and nsg is my account in the Snap Store and the forums. Most of my packages are build using the Snapcraft Build Service. I use second factor verification where possible, and I take care of my keys. I have good passwords with strong entropy and of course no password reuse. I also have taken additional steps to minimize the risks and to detect misuse of my credentials.

It’s healthy to be a little suspicious about random people on the internet, I hope you find me trustworthy. More about me at my GitHub accounts profile page.