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I made this as a quick hack to package up and small utility script written by ocochard at GitHub. It can be useful if you like to see an ASCII network diagram of your routing table. Note that is script is mainly written for *BSD and I do not think it supports more advanced routing tables on Linux. But for 99% of the users out there this will work just fine!

For more information, see the README

Name URL Comment
Snap Name graphpath  
Install Install it with snap install graphpath to get the stable release, try the latest from the master branch with a snap install graphpath --edge You can of course also use the graphical installation tool of your choose, for example “Software” under GNOME. Search for graphpath and select a channel, stable or edge. Note: If the snap is already installed and you like to change channel, replace install with refresh.
Permissions network, network-observe Observe is needed to see your network configuration. Note that this is a read only interface.
Snap sources nsg/snap-graphpath  
Support and issues issues Open issues related to this snap here.
Build system Snapcraft Build Service  
Upstream sources ocochard/graphpath If you think it’s an problem in the software unrelated to the snap, contact the upstream developer. But before you do that, download the script manually from this repository to make 100% sure that it’s not related to the snap packaging.