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A list of my packages.

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I made this snap as an easy and quick solution to get a layer 2 tunnel running between point A and point B. Then snap is based round the software Tinc.

For more information, see the README

Name URL Comment
Snap Name tunnel  
Install Install it with snap install tunnel to get the stable release, try the latest from the master branch with a snap install tunnel --edge You can of course also use the graphical installation tool of your choose, for example “Software” under GNOME. Search for tunnel and select a channel, stable or edge. Note: If the snap is already installed and you like to change channel, replace install with refresh.
Permissions network-bind, network-control, network-observe, network-setup-control Note that I have not bothered to ask Canonical for auto connection of the privileged interfaces. Run tunnel after install for more information how to connect them.
Snap sources nsg/tunnel  
Support and issues issues  
Build system Snapcraft Build Service